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Refund Policy


Covid-19 Cancellation Terms

Please note that we can ONLY Refund or Reschedule Booked tests under the following criteria:
• Your flight is cancelled or rescheduled by your airline prior to your appointment time (proof of flight cancellation/reschedule required)
• For medical reasons (requires a certified letter from your physician or GP)
• Quarantine or entry restrictions in your destination country change prior to your appointment time (as per the UK Government Foreign Travel website)
• Any other reasons for cancellation will incur a cancellation admin fee of £50
• All requests/changes/ mistakes in your results must be notified to us with at least 24hrs notice before your flight time, we do not hold responsibilities if you did not check your results and informed us on time to make the changes.
• Refunds can take up to 7 days to reach your account

The Complaints Procedure

Yourhealthfirst Clinic aim t exceeds our client’s expectations and provides first care service, standards of care and customer service is our main, during and after treatment. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your experience, we readily welcome your input in the interest of making improvements to our service, and will do our best to rectify them as soon as possible. Should you wish to write to us, you can contact us at:


If YOU are unavoidably late for your appointment we will work as a team to make sure that all your needs are still taken care of but please understand sometimes this may not be possible. If WE are unavoidably late for your appointment, we apologise as sometimes this is out of our control. We will make this up to you if this should ever cause you a problem & inconvenience.


If you have any known medical condition or allergy that may affect your treatment within the Clinic, please inform us prior to arranging your consultation, and indeed if you have any health changes or medications that could alter your treatment response post consultation.


If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience, let us know so we can learn from your experience and perfect it for the next time.


All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

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