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An antigen test is used to aid with the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 by detecting the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen. This is different to the lab molecular test which uses RT-PCR (in simple terms, RT-PCR looks for the genetic part of the virus (RNA), while antigen testing looks for a protein particle of the virus).
We have carefully selected an antigen test which is public health assessed. Compared to PCR, our test shows a sensitivity of 98.56% and a specificity of greater than 99%. We have carefully followed research and government advice in our testing processes. Please note that no current Covid 19 tests are 100% accurate.
We are currently providing Antigen testing in partnership with multiple pharmacies across London. You simply book and pay for the test online, at which point you will receive an email with full instructions and details of where to go.

Our Antigen test is a rapid swab test, CE marked that detects specific proteins (antigens) on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. Results are available within 15 minutes!

Covid-19 ANTIGEN Test including FIT TO FLY certificate (£99)

Please note it is your responsibility to check the individual travel requirements of the airline and destination you have chosen to fly to.
Antigen tests are accepted in Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Zimbabwe, Zambia, America & More.
• Please click here to check your Entry Requirements for antigen test before booking test for antigen as more counties might be entered in the future.

Antigen test Currently being used by governments, professional sports teams, film productions and other large organisations for quick reliable results.

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If you receive a positive result, this means that you are currently infected with COVID-19, and you could pose a risk to others around you. Therefore, you should self-isolate immediately, and inform those you have been in contact with in the last 7 days in case this result affects them. a positive result may result in public health or other medical services contacting you for contact tracing and or to prevent spread of the infection.

If you would like further information on what you should do if you receive a positive result, you should visit or contact the NHS on 111.

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